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What is the cost of solar panel installation across the UK?

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Installing solar panels for an average sized residential home in the country is around £6,000 to £7,000, which is more than 60% cheaper than the same type of installation back in 2010. This definitely shows that solar panels have become more affordable over the years.

A better time to invest in solar energy has never been established or experienced yet solar panels still are a considered purchase. Buying solar panels has never been like common commodities. While the price of solar panels has considerably decreased, installing solar panels is not like buying a pair of shoes. Solar panel systems still cost thousands of pounds despite the significant drop in the prices.

With this information, it would be very wise to research extensively on the cost of a solar panel and their installation. You might even need to get solar PV quotes from multiple MCS solar installers. This will help you get the best possible price. This page also offers ideas on options.

Just like most things purchased, solar panels come in different sizes which of course are sold at varying prices. The sizes of the solar panels determine the amount of electricity generated by a solar panel. A larger system generates more electricity for your home while a smaller system produces a lower amount.

For some expert advice, if you’d need to install solar panels in a 3 – bedroom house, you’d need a solar panel generating about 3 to 4kW. The cost of solar panels for such a house, therefore, is around £5,520 – £6,040 for you to meet the high demands of a house. Similar to most people, you might be considering how much you can afford and not what you need or how much you are willing to pay. Fortunately, solar panels are more affordable these days and so is their installation.

Of course, the size of the solar panel you need depending on the size of your house and its usage determines the price of the solar panels. Nevertheless, there are other factors to consider when you are looking forward to having solar panels installed in your home. The cost of having a solar panel system installed in your house is also determined by brand and the installer you employ. Solar panels quality also affects the cost. Black monocrystalline silicon solar panels (black ones) for instance are a little bit more expensive than polycrystalline silicon solar panels (with a marble blue appearance).

As it is evident, the earlier mentioned research is very important. You’ll need to find which brands offer quality solar panels at affordable prices. There are quite a number of manufacturers who have reliable solar panels in the UK. Excellent installers with competitive charges are also available throughout the country. More people are actually investing in solar energy schemes to reap the many benefits thanks to the drop in solar panels prices and cost of installation.