How does free boiler grant work?

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Are you interested in the free boiler grant offered by the UK government? The primary purpose, which is set by the government’s free boiler grant, is the reduction of the country’s carbon release and tackles the fuel poverty.
The energy suppliers in the UK are given incentives to help in reducing fuel consumption and decrease household energy bills. For this purpose, the government pays for the high-quality boiler to be replaced with the existing ones in qualified households. The government has set milestones for this process.
The leading UK companies are working for the production of the innovative boiler, which is designed for energy efficiency and release much lesser carbon in the atmosphere. In the next stage, the consumers are encouraged to install gas boilers that are more energy-efficient and eco friendly.
Affordable warmth obligation
Under this regulation, the energy supplier companies have an agreement to replace the boilers for free for unprivileged households. With this grant, hey may replace the old boiler with a new gas boiler. Millions of homes qualify for free boiler grants in the UK. For this purpose, only one million people will be supported by the government in total. The vulnerable families may be entailed free grants and other subsidies. You will have to pay a minimal contribution to the free boiler scheme. If you are qualified for a free boiler grant, you need not pay back the money in instalments. There are no complex terms and conditions in this respect. You need to meet the qualifying criteria, and another process is simple.
If you qualify for a free boiler grant, you will be entitled to get a free gas boiler along with heating control, where it is essential. For this purpose, there may be a free assessment to check if you qualify or not? The funding depends on your income from different sources. Moreover, the energy efficiency of your home and the age of the existing boiler is an essential consideration in this respect.
Who is entitled to free boiler grant
You must meet the following criteria to qualify for the boiler replacement grant.
• You should have your own home.
• If you are a private tenant, you must seek permission from your landlord
• You will receive different benefits as determined by authorities.
• Your existing boiler should not be newly bought. It should be more than five years old
• You must have the facility of gas supply.