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Don’t forget to check out the garden when buying a house

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As you look for a house to purchase, there are important things to consider. One of these is the condition of the garden in which the house you are buying is. Failure to examine the garden could lead to cost you quite a lot as you try to improve the condition of a garden.

Imagine buying a house and later finding it with invasive weeds that are quite hard and expensive to maintain. Some of the gardens could be infested with the Japanese knotweed and other unwanted plants. Some people have been unfortunate to buy homes without thinking about the condition of the garden. Unlucky homebuyers have found bad, hollow trees, others were partially collapsed and infested by fungi and other organisms. An estimate by an expert revealed such a garden could cost about £60,000 in tree work that is needed urgently.

Other homebuyers have bought homes with a garden full of Japanese knotweed. Considering the effort and expenses it takes for one to eradicate the knotweed, this is one of the worst things that can happen to someone who recently bought a home. Remember this invasive plant considerably affects the whole property. From the house itself to other structures like parking, basement, garage and driveway, the destructive effects of the knotweed are not appealing at all.


As you try to remove the knotweed, you are going to lose quite a lot of your garden. If you think about, it would be better not to buy a property with a garden with a poor condition. You will undoubtedly find Japanese knotweed removers but these come at a cost and some of the methods used are also very destructive.

While looking for the expertise of a building surveyor is also helpful, it would be better to have a look at a garden of any house you buy yourself. Building surveyors, estate agents and solicitors may have the knowledge about the housing. The question to ask yourself is who among these experts or individuals will take time to give a garden of a property you buy a property examination? Maybe the building surveyors might offer some help but doesn’t it make sense to take a look yourself.

 You can familiarise yourself with the type, structure, and stability, risk and liability of trees. Tree Preservation Orders and Conservation Areas are ideal sources of valuable information. Use the information to do your own evaluation of a garden as you go looking for places to buy. Remember neglected gardens hold nasty surprises as compared to the maintained gardens that are delightful and bring absolute joy to you. You will also save thousands of pounds you would use elsewhere by finding ways to elevate the poor garden you find.